What Recruiters Look For

What Recruiters Look For

As recruiters, our intention is to provide the best opportunity and experience for the candidate and the company. Our goal is to facilitate a smooth recruitment process for everyone.

There are three types of qualities that recruiters assess: technical knowledge, experience, and culture.

During the recruitment process, we look at their education (skills training) and work experience. We identify the school and background the candidates have then evaluate their skills.

• In junior candidates, we put a significant emphasis on their education and qualifications as they don’t have much commercial experience under their belt. We want to understand how their knowledge and skills have been used and applied in school projects or internships. Examples of this are:

o Final Year Project: how their experience was applied, what they learned, what skills were required,
what they achieved, etc.

o Internships (a taste of the commercial world): what contributions they made, what they learned,
what goals they achieved, what professional skills were gained, etc.

• In senior candidates, we look at their work experience, the skills gained, what they learned, the projects they accomplished and more:

o In Software Engineer candidates, we look for projects they have completed in the commercial world,
the skills and technology used, the product, and their tech-stack.

o In Data Scientist candidates, we search for a different set of skills and knowledge. We look at
their optimization skills, problem-solving skills, knowledge of the company’s industry, and the
tools that they have experience with.

• For all candidates, we look for two things in common.

o First, we look for the skills needed in the professional workforce, which can include problem-
solving skills, leadership skills, communication skills, and attitude.

Second, we assess culture fit as the candidate and company must be a match. We ask the right questions to assess culture fit accurately. Specifically, we ask the candidates questions about themselves, their personality, their preferred working environment or management style. This allows you to get a scope of whether they are the right fit.

• Their CV: Is it clean, easy to read, error-free, well-formatted, and not too content heavy?
• Communication: Is their communication clear, professional, and dynamic?
• Phone interview: Are they engaged? Do they ask questions? Is their tone of voice positive?
• Action and Effort: Are they making the time and taking the initiative? Are they showing their interest?

Finding the perfect candidate for our clients is what we specialize in; contact the Accela Team for more info at [email protected] 

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