Competing for the A-Players


Sometimes it is not about who has the deepest pockets or the biggest buffet of benefits. Top talent look for roles where they can be challenged have the opportunity to grow and be inspired.

Benefits are important
• Employee health and wellness benefits
• Flexible working arrangements
• Healthy snacks
• Unique quirks that relate to the company culture

A-Players come in all shapes and sizes; junior to senior, technical and non-technical, people leaders and individual contributors. According to Career Builder, a recent study showed that for every job that is vacant for over three months, on average, $14,000 is lost by a company. So give A-Players reasons to stay, and reasons to give back.

• Upskill – The opportunity to learn new skills and gain exposure to new and upcoming technology. For example, give your most skilled Java engineers the chance to learn in Python; don’t always look outside for new skills.
• Train interpersonal skills – Provide your employees with the opportunity to enhance their leadership and communication skills. For example, host and promote workshops and activities that exercise these skills.
• Team building– The opportunity to get to know each other outside the workplace. A cooking class, an exercise class or a creative workshop.
• Leadership – It’s well known that employees leave managers, not companies. Invest in your leaders and future leaders. Coaching, succession planning, open communication.

In our next post, we will discuss how both individuals and companies can better assess culture fit throughout the interview process.

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