Assessing Culture Fit

We take a look at how important it is to not only find the perfect job but a positive work environment.


Knowing how to assess culture fit is critical. Candidates just as much as the company, need to determine if the culture is the right fit. According to a recent BlueStep study, culture is so important to a candidate’s tenure that is ranked as the number-two reason why executives are planning to leave their current jobs in 2018.

Hiring For Culture
Culture fit is often one of the most important traits when recruiting. It is also often a buzz-phrase that is overused and misunderstood. Your company culture is represented by shared values, beliefs, behaviors and attitudes of the company and all employees. This does not mean the company should hire clones of the CEO. It is beneficial to have a diverse team that shares the same values and can provide different points of view, experiences, ideas and more. Some useful tips in assessing culture fit in future candidates:

• Start with identifying your company culture – values, beliefs, behaviors and attitudes
• Understand the candidate’s motivations for wanting to join the company – ask the “why”
• Expose potential candidates to the culture through the interview process; have them meet with a diversity of people, and observe the interactions

Finding The Culture That Suits You
The interview process is a two-way street. As a candidate, you need to know if the role, the team, the leader and the company is right for you. So do a little research of your own to find out if you are a fit.

• Research:
1. Online resources such as Glassdoor are invaluable in getting insight into a company
2. Existing employees – reach out and find out from past and existing employees

• Spaces:
1. Check out the office and location to get a feel of the environment
2. Is the location right for you, and have they thought about their employees when deciding the location, and designing the space

• Does the company prioritize Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and, does it align with your personal values?

• Interview! This is your opportunity to interview the company and assess if it is a fit for you. Ask questions!

Culture fit is hard to define and can be quite challenging to assess but if you get it right, it’s incredibly powerful in building and retaining teams. It will allow you to flourish in your career.
In our next post, we will discuss what recruiters look for in candidates during the recruitment process.

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